How To Sell Beats Online Like A Pro

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Dr Drum Beat Making Software Review

    Have you ever heard an awesome song and feel like you could make it much better? Or have you heard two amazing songs and are just itching to create a mash-up that you know will be phenomenal? Maybe you just want to sample a great song you heard on the radio, or create […]

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Production Software Tutorial – FL Studio

Hey everyone, it’s Ryan aka DJ Rhino I’m back with my first of two tutorials on the program FL Studio. FL Studio, also known as Fruity Loops, and I will refer to as FL is the most commonly used music production software on the market. It has gained support from beginners and industry veterans alike, even […]

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Production Software Tutorial 2 – GarageBand (Contd.)

Hey everyone it’s Ryan aka DJ Rhino back with my next music production software tutorial. In this article, the second of my first segment on the music production software Garageband, I will cover editing pre-set instruments, adding effects to tracks, and sampling. To see the first article if you missed it or want a refresher click here – […]

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How To Sell Beats Interview w/ @ClarkMakeHits

Intro What’s up everybody! I got a new exclusive interview for all you loyal readers of the site. I recently linked up with a producer who goes by the name of  “Clark Tha Producer.” I really enjoyed doing this interview because this guy knows a lot about internet marketing which is such a crucial […]

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Production Software Tutorial 1 – Garageband

Hey everyone! My name is Ryan Schmidtke aka DJ Rhino and I’m a new writer with I have experience as a producer and have made everything from dub step to rap to reggae. I will hopefully be working on a few segments for the website and the first one (this post) will be part […]

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How To Sell Beats Interview w/ @DJ_Rh1n0 Pt. 2

Hey everyone! It’s been awhile since I posted anything up on the site an its been even longer since I did an exclusive interview with a real producer out there making money selling beats and building his brand. Let me give you guys a little bit of info on what I’ve been up to lately. […]

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Freemium – How giving away beats can increase your sales

I have briefly discussed this topic in the past but I feel I need to elaborate on it a little more. Producers hit me up all the time saying things like “I’ve been selling beats online for a year and still haven’t sold any yet.” To be honest if you’ve been selling beats online for […]

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Beat Selling WordPress Template

This video is a follow up to my last video “Create a beat selling website in less than 10 minutes with BlueHost“. In this video I simply take you on my journey exploring a WordPress template I discovered that makes it easy to create your own beat selling site. In the video I upload a […]

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